Destiny’s Child Reborn: Beyonce in secret talks with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

Destiny's Child Reborn: Beyonce in secret talks with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

It’s been 15 years when the phoenixes of Destiny’s Child last marked a trio appearance. It’s the time of the three rockstars to cross their paths once again. Beyonce is fighting tooth and nail for ultimately reviving her two-decade-long pop group.

Destiny’s Child to make a musical comeback

Destiny's Child Reborn: Beyonce in secret talks with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams


It seems that Destiny’s Child is on roads of rebirth and awakening as Beyonce has carried out some secret talks with other band members involving Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams on board.

The reunion would move in a more frontier and pacified direction; driving with band’s tours in US and Europe to securing studios for lucrative records, once again.

Meanwhile, Beyonce has chosen a perfect, eloquent timing for holding up some buzz-worthy talks with Rowland and Williams. The timing has much harmonized with Michelle’s 20th anniversary into Destiny’s Child. The crooner went on to be a lucky charm for Beyonce and Kelly.

As soon as Destiny’s Child opened doors for Michelle, the group knocked some of the most precious projects of its lifetime.In the past, Beyonce had made some desperate attempts on bringing the trio together, but the tries drastically went in vain.

Beyonce on attempts over band revival

And now when the band’s fate is bringing them back together, the pop-queen couldn’t think of a better year than 2020. Inspired from Spice Girls’ resurrection journey, Beyonce want to replicate the same success, but on a far bigger level.

Once an epitome of success in the ’00s, Destiny’s Child has brought some of the most heartfelt songs to the millennial generation. Dropping the greatest hits of UK while glorifying feminism and women survivors, Destiny’s Child has produced chart-busters including Emotion, Bootylicious, Soldier and Lose My Breath.

It would be amazing to see Destiny’s Child, performing and recording songs after a 15 year long, heartbreaking hiatus. The band is buying its own time. And if it means a far-reaching incredible performance in coming years, then this reunion is worth our wait.

We could only put our faith in how the group is going to reach its ultimate destiny, this time.

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