Destiny’s Child reportedly planning a 2020 world tour and new music

Destiny’s Child reportedly planning a 2020 world tour and new music
Destiny's Child girl group. Source: In Touch Weekly

We have some exciting news for the popular Destiny’s Child fans! If you are their fans then you should pay attention to this article. The iconic girl group is soon going to have a massive comeback.

Destiny’s Child: Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle coming back

According to the reports, the trio is going to do something special in 2020, since the group is completing 20 years. The American girl group was first formed in 1997 in Houston, Texas. Sources revealed that Beyonce wants to get her girls back in the studio, plus, she believes that 2020 is a perfect time.

Destiny’s Child reportedly planning a 2020 world tour and new music

Kelly, Beyonce, and Michelle from Destiny’s Child.
Source: Wikipedia

The trio of Destiny’s Child will be marking the two decades as one of the biggest all-female groups across the globe. Also, they were last seen at the Super Bowl in 2013 and Coachella in 2018. Now, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce have planned something grand which is still in the works.

The idea of a reunion came to Beyonce’s mind when she was the success of the Spice Girls tour. So she plans to revisit her own iconic girl group days. The group is planning to record new music and relaunch their biggest hits.

The “Bootylicious” girl group is all set to tour in the UK, US, and Europe

Our favorite girls from Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce Knowles are planning to do World Tour in 2020. They are all set to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Destiny’s Child with their fans. First, they will begin from the US, Europe, and the UK.

Recently, Beyonce has been planning and discussing with Michelle and Kelly of Destiny’s Child about what will they do on their tour. Besides, they will fit all the World Tours into their schedules, and make it more extraordinary for their beloved fans.

There are some speculations that the girl group will be performing on their hilts like Lose My Breath, Say My Name, Soldier and Emotion, Bug A Boo and many other tracks. So are you excited for their reunion?

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