Digimon Survive for PS4 gets delayed: When is it expected to release?

Digimon Survive gets delayed and to be released in 2020

A role-playing game “Digimon Survive” is delayed for the next year 2020. The news revealed by the “The future of Digimon” panel during the Anime Expo 2019. The same publisher of the Pokemon Go, who revealed about the intro of Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. However, during the Expo, a five minutes trailer revealed nothing much about the game.

Digimon Survive gets delayed and to be released in 2020

Digimon Survive is a role-playing adventurous game
Credits: Geek Tyrant

Digimon Survive is an adventure game by Bandai Namco

The game is moving forward to take a leap for the next year, thus it is expected to release on Nintendo Switch. Digimon Anime is celebrating its 20th anniversary whereas Digimon Survive clears every boundary of the game.

Therefore, the game is a set of adventure in a mysterious world of characters sketched by Uichi Ukumo. In addition, the music of the game is scripted by Tomoki Miyoshi.

The adventurous game is covering a much versatile surrounding in the game. Along with the characters and music beautifully scripted together is what players need.

Moreover, the survival games are pretty much concerned about everything and this game has covered all of it. The gameplay, where a group of friends get lost on a school trip. There is the twist, where the group led by Takuma Momozuka encounters a strange world of dangers.

The gameplay and illustrations are all in 2D

The most controversial part of the gameplay is all in 2D. Including various checkpoints and interest based exploration will follow throughout the game. Moreover, the story developed during the battles will always vary depending on the player.

Digimon Survive for PS4 gets delayed: When is it expected to release?

The game battle is played based on a grid
Credits: GameSpot

The battles will be played in a strategy based style which is a style in Digimon battles. The battles are covered in grid-based matches along with accessories equipped. Battles are also fought in a 2D style which is more of a classic SRPG style.

Throughout the game, players need to collect various accessories to upgrade and fight battles. To combat actions players need to acquire energy and use them wisely. Digimon Survive will release on various platform like PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in the west. As well as Japan will cover for PS4 and switch in 2019.

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