Discord servers down : Gamers lose their voice !

Discord is down due to cloudflare

The users are left helpless and without communication as the servers of Discord were down again with 502 bad gateway error.

Cloudflare, a network services company gave its first update on the incident saying it was a network-related issue. Cloudflare mentioned a fix has been found and has been deployed to the servers. They are monitoring and doing precautionary health checks to ensure the smooth running of the servers.

Discord a freeware VoIP application and a sharing platform was the brainchild of Jason Citron. Initially designed for the online gamer’s community. It had features like communication in the form of video, text, and audio between the users in a chat.

It has been recorded that this utility software has more than 250 million individual users as of 14 March 2019.

The software is pretty platform friendly and can be run on Windows, MacOS, LINUX, Android, iOS, etc.

Many social gaming platforms and social media platforms like Twitter was flooded with the reports of Discord being down due to 502 error.

Here’s what Cloudflare shared in the update:

As the Discord issues were reported Cloudflare in their defense gave the explanation that the servers are facing some network performance issues.

The messaging and chat app has been facing multiple downtimes throughout the day. Discord is a key communication application for online gamers to connect to different gaming communities.

The app is pretty portable and gives the users to create multiple servers free of cost.

Discord mentions that they will never be charging ever in the future for the core functions.

Not only the social handles of gamers but on YouTube, many gamers uploaded there live streamings on the servers not being available. Below are some videos:

We hope the servers keep running smoothly, with no disruptions. And the gamers stay in their gamer’s paradise.

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