Disney combo plan of ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ may take the top spot from Netflix

Disney dishes out combo plan to include ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+

MMA fans are in for a feast as Disney is now offering a loot offer. As per a report from Verge, they have launched a new combo that would include Disney+, Hulu as well as ESPN+. The combo is reported to value at just $12.99.


That offers a $5 discount as Hulu, Disney and ESPN+ cost $5.99, $6.99 and $4.99 as of now. That’s definitely a loot for MMA fans as well as host of animated shows, Marvel show and 21st Century Fox TV viewers.

Disney knows ESPN+ is must for UFC viewers

ESPN+ is the primary subscription to watch UFC show. Even PPV main events can now be bought only by ESPN+ subscribers. Disney knows that and has wickedly included ESPN’s favourite subscription in the offer.

Disney dishes out combo plan to include ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+

ESPN+ is a great offer by Disney for UFC viewers. Image : Polygon

For UFC fans, this is especially a good offer. They now need to pay a mere $8 more to watch McGregor vs Khabib or other movies and shows. That’s a heck lot of entertainment in a pretty inexpensive price. Last but not the least, the Disney app offers a lot of entertainment and now almost comes free for Hulu and ESPN+ subscribers.

Subscriptions the new options of survival

It is super difficult to miss out on trending shows these days. If you miss a main event and are surrounded by UFC fan friends, it’s difficult to survive indeed.

In the generation of trends where crowd moves like a flock of sheeps, it’s better to have your own subscription. Plus it’s now very rare to find people without these mainstream subscriptions. So it’s a good for all offer.

UFC fans are not happy at all with the UFC’s new PPV deal with ESPN+ from MMA

Also, it’s impossible to buy anything because of the subscription pattern of all apps and websites. Even Hulu is a must-have these days. So this Disney bundle offers atleast a cheaper way to stay relevant. And Disney have indeed caught the nerves of the hardcore UFC fans with this very tempting offer.

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