Disney+: Disney’s Streaming Service to take Netflix head on

Disney will start its Disney+ streaming service Release Date

Disney announced that the Disney+ streaming service will start from 12th November this year.

This was announced by Disney on Thursday at the companies investor day. The Company had confirmed that a number of tv series, shows and films will be streamed on Disney+.

Disney said that it will be offering many new shows.

Disney will start its Disney+ streaming service Release Date

Shows that Streaming Service would be providing.

The shows will feature characters of Monster Inc. and many other famous cartoon characters.

To use this video streaming platform users will need to pay 6.99$ per month or 69.99$ per year.

Disney said that it expects to spend 1 billion dollars in 2020 on the original content which may further rise to 2 billion dollars by the year 2024.

The company has predicted that by the end of the year 2024 it will be having 60 to 90 million subscribers.

The channel will debut in the United States but will be launched in almost all major countries of the world within two years.

Disney will start its Disney+ streaming service Release Date

Subscription Rates

Disney+ will include Marvel superheroes in its streaming platform. The company has decided to have four different action series featuring superheroes like the scarlet witch, The winter soldier, Vision, Loki, Falcon and Hawkeye.

In addition to this, there will be a tv show called “what if?” in which users will see many questions like “What if Captain America was not given serum”.

Also, Pixar will produce short stories featuring characters of Monster’s Inc. in a series called “Monsters at work”.

And the best thing is that these videos will be downloadable so that you can see it offline also.

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