Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce in Descendants 3 post credit scene

Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce in Descendants 3 post credit scene

Family is connected not by blood but by love and memories. As long as you consider someone a part of your life and remember them in your thoughts they shall remain inseparable. Disney Channel Family is one such example of it. Connected by memories and love, they never forget to thank and appreciate the work of someone who is longer amidst them. Cameron Boyce, might have left his earthly abode but his Disney Channel Family is still remembering the vibrant life that he once lived!

Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce in Descendants 3 post credit scene

Cameron Boyce is missed by all!
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Disney pays tribute to the late Camerone Boyce!

The Disney star Cameron Boyce, shocking death in the early July left the masses wretched. Almost a month has passed away since the tragic happening and the deep wounds seem to slowly heal with time.

As new and more important things rush pass this incident to take spotlight, many even forgot that he is no longer with us.

However, the out of sight, out of mind adage does not apply to this cheerful soul if his Disney Family is considered. In honor of the 20 year old actor Disney added a heart-touching tribute at the end of its new releases Descendants 3.

Cameron Boyce has featured the film as Cruella de Vil’s son, under the name Carlos. The film premiered on Disney Channel, Friday night for the eagerly waiting audience.

However, the film took all by surprise at the very end when each viewer caught the sight of Cameron Boyce’s vibrant life.

What the video held for its viewers?

Disney pays tribute to Cameron Boyce in Descendants 3 post credit scene

Actor Cameron Boyce
Source: People

With teary eyes and heavy heart the audience beheld the 2 minute long, heart-touching tribute. The clip featured several smiling photos and footages of the actor, all making a trail that broadcasted the umpteen years he has spent with Disney.

From his time on the sets of Jessie to his last role of Carlos, the journey showed each phase of his Disney Family life!

One of the most touching parts of the tribute was the guest appearance of USA’s former first lady. Boyce exclaims in the clip as he make Michelle Obama laugh all with just a little hug of his. His several dancing, laughing and acting clips made all eyes well up till tears rolled onto the cheeks.

Photos of his happiness filled days spend with family, tension filled auditions holding scripts and embracing his cast-members adorns the tribute! The text in the video read

Everything you are, every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched … you mean everything to us,”

Well, the world has indeed lost a star and the sky seems to suffer for it.

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