Disney Plus is Full of Bugs and Errors, Users Complains of Virus Plaguing their Devices

Disney Plus Bugs and Errors, Users Complains of Virus

Disney Plus has gotten more than 10 million subscriptions even before its release but the same has proven to be a big problem. The streaming service from the media giant Disney was released on November 12 and no one expected the numbers which kind of broke down the whole servers.

Many users have been complaining of glitches in their Disney plus experience, there are also reports that it also contains several bugs and is full of errors. Some users have been saying on Twitter that Disney+ has corrupted their devices and plagued it with viruses. Here are the most common Disney plus errors and ways to resolve the streaming service back to normal.

Disney Plus Technical Issues

Disney Plus Technical Issues

Disney Plus users have been experiencing a lot of technical problems which include streaming errors, screen stuck on loading, access not available to the library, service not supported in your area and so on. While many users have complained about not being able to log in the Disney plus service, app crashing abruptly and several other issues.

The Mandalorian is getting the highest number of views and also been affected by most of the bugs. The Disney+ officials have acknowledged the problems and are working hard to get everything back to normal.

How to Solve Disney Plus Streaming Error?

How to Solve Disney Plus Streaming Error

Disney+ service is new and the developers never expected such a high amount of traffic on the first day which is the main reason behind the issues. Most of the errors related to Disney plus streaming are solved easily by a simple re-start or logging off and on.

There could also be WiFi and data related issues as streaming service requires a minimum speed to stream in high quality, so make sure to check your video quality settings and internet connection speed. If nothing is working, you can contact the Disney plus developers through the website or write the complaint on Twitter and mention them.

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