Disney releases the trailer of Mulan to revive childhood memories: Know plot, cast and release date

Disney's has just dropped the trailer of 'Mulan' and we can't be more happier

It seems that Disney is on roads to revive the childhood of every 90’s kid. The production house has given some back to back reboots that are grossing billions on box-office. So as to keep on with the legacy of reboots, Disney has just dropped the trailer of highly-awaited live action film, ‘Mulan.’

Disney’s Mulan releases it’s first trailer: Watch here

Moreover, you’d have another reason to rejoice. Disney premiered the first trailer of ‘Mulan’  Women’s World Cup final on Sunday. In parallel words, a warrior girl ‘Mulan’ got her first looks released during a the world’s most defensive and warring game.

It seemed so relevant and connecting. Isn’t it ?

The news of trailer premiere was first confirmed by actor Jimmy Wong. Wong plays Ling in the new version.

Indeed the movie makers have cheered all the feminists out there. Their action may earn them a billion more, than they have expected from the outcomes.

Disney releases the trailer of Mulan to revive childhood memories: Know plot, cast and release date

picture: USA TODAY

Anyways, the trailer dropped during the coverage as anticipated. You could say, that would have felt like a sudden blow to the audience. Not to mention, they got a bumper surprise with such a popular remake trailer getting live-dropped amidst their eyes.

The new Mulan : characters, plots and release

I know, most of you have been pretty aware about the movie synopsis of Mulan. And except live graphics and modern visuals, almost all the characters and plotline remains the same. The remake has come out from the 1998’s hit animated movie with the same title, Mulan.

Mulan chronicles the story of a young Chinese woman who is more a replica of a excelled combatant. Mulan disguises herself as a warrior to live her dreams and shelter her father from joining the army as well.
The 1998’s original movie grossed around $300 million worldwide.
You could imagine how big an achievement was to gross $300 million, back in 1990s, the pre-modern era.

In addition, this generation Mulan is directed by Niki Caro. Caro has already rose to fame through his recent, The Zookeeper’s Wife.  Meanwhiile, Chinese actress Liu Yifei aka  Crystal Liu, will star the title role of Mulan.
However Jet Li will evidence his talent through the pivotal role of emperor of China.
There is an upcoming twist here. The reboot have introduced some more fishy characters into the storyline.

Speculations of replacing Li Shang with Chen Honghui as her eventual love interest are hitting hard on Internet nowadays.
Mulan is set to see a terrific release in March 2020.
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