Disney to fill Beyonce’s pockets by a dream contract

Disney aspires to have a longer contract with Beyonce

Disney has always been clear about its preferences! If it likes something, then it stays, if not then without any further delay it’s removed. Looks like nowadays Disney is smitten by Beyonce! For the animation, creation firm is offering the songwriter-singer an irresistible deal involving millions and wondering how and why did it happen? Well, the answer to it all lies below.

Disney aspires to have a longer contract with Beyonce

Beyonce might stay longer in touch with Disney than initially stated!
Source: Entertainment Tonight

Disney and Beyonce will come together for more stuff?

Beyonce came in contact with Disney for the role of Nala in The Lion King. The success of the film is known to all. However, only a few know what made it reach there. Now since Disney is the creator, producer, and all-round fielder of the film, it has to keep up with the updates about its assets.

If The Sun’s reports are trusted, then Disney is considering Beyonce as one of the major driving force behind the success. The excellent portrayal of the character Nala by Beyonce is what they believe in the booster factor of success.

Ergo, Disney is eager to extend its partnership with the brilliant ‘Spirit’ songwriter cum singer Beyonce. Disney wants to sign a contract that will put millions in her back pocket while she works for more original pictures with them.

What is the package deal that is offered by Disney?

Disney wants Beyonce to create her movies with full free reign under Disney’s umbrella. So the thought is simple to understand. They want her work, her style, and her voice just the way she wants to deliver, with no edits!

Disney aspires to have a longer contract with Beyonce

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Beyonce latest project is a collaboration with Netflix to build an original content show. The amount generated by her till date at the box office amounts to nearly $965. So if the offer is considered objectively, then it is a good shot for her!

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