Disney World to pay College Tuition for Employees

Disney World to pay College Tuition for Employees
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Disney World is a huge resort handled and owned by The Walt Disney Company. It was opened on October 1, 1971. Today, it has many entertainment complexes in Lake Buena Vista and Bay Lake. It covers 25,000 acres approximately of land. Plus, Disney World has become a great attraction for tourists.

Today, the company has four theme parks, 27 themed resort hotels, two water parks, and nine non-Disney hotels. Besides, it also has a camping resort, several golf courses, and entertainment hubs. Now, more than thousands of employees are hired every year by the Disney Company.

Free college education for Disney Employees

Disney World to pay College Tuition for Employees

Credits: Fortune

There is good news for all the Disney employees. Recently, Walt Disney World resort has decided to help the workers to pay college tuitions who stay nearby. It will be implemented by their bosses.

On Thursday, Disney announced that the workers can now get enrolled at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

However, the students will only be accepted by UCF. Plus, the admission of the school via the program is not guaranteed. Apart from that, the company will pay for application and tuition fees, and books for all the workers.

As per the reports, around 40 per cent of Disney employees from all over the globe has signed up for this new Disney program.

Moreover, the workers can pick any 34 master’s degree and undergraduate programs. Plus, it is a great opportunity for all the employees who are struggling to work and study together in various parts of the countries. Check Out blocktoro.com for more updates.

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