Disneyland to treat you with 14 new magical treats this Halloween

Disneyland to treat you with magical desserts this Halloween

The month of Halloween is happening soon and Disneyland is all swelled up to shoot our Halloween adventure upwards. With rib-tickling rides and your favorite food stocks, California celebrations for October Halloween are just around the corner.

Don’t forget to poke your legs in California’s Anaheim parks this Halloween springing from September 6 and onwards. I am sure you don’t want to miss all the fun this Halloween in Disneyland by not throwing yourself to the best of desserts and drinks, you could have ever had in your life.

Much like the Halloween parties, the deserts this season in Disneyland’s Halloween party are also evil-fairy themed. You can succumb to your taste-buds with Snow White’s Evil Queen candy apples and Maleficent-themed churros. Or you may even boost yourself with mummy-inspired donuts and funnel cake fries.

Here is a sneak-peak into Anaheim’s favorite, mouth-watering desserts that will surely make you week in your knees.

The Nightmare Before Christmas inspired fries

Disneyland to treat you with magical desserts this Halloween

picture: INSIDERS

The spooky green color topping will alone flourish you with a row of nightmares this Halloween at Disneyland. But believe me, you would regret a whole lifetime on not hunting the taste for even once. The weird-looking funnel cake fries come with crushed cookies, gummy candies, and whipped cream. You can have your big fries scoops at Award Wieners in California Adventure.

The Donuts featuring a mummy-treat topping

Overloaded with peanut butter and jelly-filling, the scary treat is will be a must have at this halloween celebration in Disneyland. Originally prepared at Schmoozies! in again, California Adventures. The Hollywood Studios Selection is one of a kind ‘pro’ at baking fantasy goods. Don’t miss the donut flavors while expecting the mummy-flashbacks in your dreams, later.

The Graveyard Cupcakes

Disneyland to treat you with magical desserts this Halloween

Mouth-watering graveyard cupcakes anyone? Source:Hearstapps

Disneyland ‘s Jolly Holiday Bakery Café is more prone to crowds in thousand. People ultimately droll mad over the graveyard fame cupcakes, the cafe has to have. Enriched with chocolate flavors with a filling of mousse and cherry, we probably know why the cupcakes prevails unsurpassed even after tons of other stocked desert.

Maleficent is back with ‘churro carts’

Does your tongue needs reasons to water at a dough, entirely coated with crushed cookies and multi-colored sugar. The regular fried churro dough can give a juicy ride to your taste buds. Find the churro carts at Town Square at Disneyland.

So, what’s stopping you to pursue your dream candies. Just go and grab them now at the halloween celebrations in Disneyland!

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