Does Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 have Stylus S Pen?

Does Samsung's Galaxy S4 tablet have stylus?
Will Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 have the S Pen?

The 10.5 inch Samsung’s Android tablet “Samsung Galaxy S4”, this time Samsung included its own Stylus S pen with every Galaxy S4 tab.

Other mobile companies like Apple or Microsoft sells their pen separately Samsung is packing pens with every Galaxy S4 tab.

The pen provided in Samsung’s Galaxy S4 tab is very light and weighs around 0.32oz and has a pen tip that is just 0.7 mm thick.

Does Samsung's Galaxy S4 tablet have stylus?

Samsung S Pen for the Tab S4.

Well, that’s amazing because it will help to correctly put pressure on the desired place on the screen.

Key features of S Pen

Well the brand new S Pen has a number of features:

  1. Users can use the pen for making notes instead of using a keyboard.
  2. The “direct pen feature” of the pen allows the users to write on one portion of the screen and automatically converts it into regular text.
  3. The S Pen is replaceable. You can easily replace the tip and insert a new one. Not to worry about any issues regarding the tip.
Does Samsung's Galaxy S4 tablet have stylus?

The S Pen improves the capability of some application on Tab.

Compatibility of S Pen

Well,  the S Pen in current Samsung’s Galaxy S4 tab will not be compatible to operate on previous Samsung tablets.

For that, you have to search over the Internet for the correct S Pen that will be compatible with your device.

The best thing is that you can buy a brand new Samsung S Pen if something happens to your current one because it is available on Samsung’s website.

Apart from S Pen, the company is providing a large variety of cases for the tablet.

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