Does Tesla Cars have a Fatal Manufacturing Defect?

Tesla Cars have a Fatal Manufacturing Defect

Tesla may have been the most advanced cars running on electricity instead of petrol, gas or diesel but it is not very safe. Despite Elon Musk claiming Tesla cars to intelligent, sometimes they can cause serious damage and even people have lost their lives in it. The recent case is about a US Doctor Omar Awan who was driving his favorite Tesla model S car when he lost control across a road in South Florida and slammed the blue Tesla in a palm tree.

The concussion and shock due to the accident didn’t kill Awan, but it was the faulty manufacturing defect in the Tesla car that took his life. Awan died due to the fatal defect in Tesla model S cars as the fire and smoke from Lithium-Ion battery burned and suffocated him, while the so-called automatic doors failed to open at the moment.

Tesla Doors are Ineffective and Faulty

Tesla Doors are Ineffective and Faulty

The family lawyer of the victim has filed a complaint against Tesla for making faulty cars and not correcting the defect which led to the death of Omar Awan. As the 48-year-old anesthesiologist and father of five was stuck in the Tesla, the crowd outside tried to help him but couldn’t open the doors.

The Tesla Model S has retractable door handles, which are normally auto-present when there is a key fob nearby, but they malfunctioned during the accident as the victim suffocated to his death as shown in the post-mortem report.

Tesla is Not Responding to the Complaint

Tesla Not Responding to Complaints

Stuart Grossman, the family attorney of Omar Awan has filed a lawsuit against the over-engineered cars of Tesla. He says these things just love to burn and it’s so techy, you would have a simple pickup truck instead. Tesla’s public relations team has yet to respond to the lawsuit and their lawyers have not even appeared in the court.

The only thing that came out much later was their condolences and calling the Tesla cars as one of the safest cars. Whether it will be petrol or electric, both every car is supposed to caught fire but the doors should have opened in every case. Elon Musk needs to make some changes or else no one would want a Tesla that is a running death machine.

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