Dog activist uncovers brutal reality of sled-dogs in dog farms

Dog activist unveils the true condition of sled-dogs during off-season

Enjoying a dog-sled during winter season is more or less like a tradition. Most of us have at least once experienced the wonderful ride during Christmas season or just anytime around winter. However have you ever wondered what activities these winter-service dogs do during summertime in dog farm? Where they are kept and how are they treated when they no longer bring money for their owners?

Fern Levit who is a film maker and sled dog advocate heard a malicious rumor regarding the same and investigated. However never even in her dreams she could have imagined what her search will lead her to!

Dog activist unveils the true condition of sled-dogs during off-season

Life is not easy for them during off-season!
Source: Michigan

Fern Levit discovers dog farm ridiculously petting sled dogs

Fern is one of the many dog-lovers who adorn this world. However, she can be considered a bit more active and responsive than us all. For as soon as a nasty rumor about sled-dogs in dog farm pricked her ears she decided to dig deep into the matter and discovered the truth behind it.

She followed up on the rumor, and her several leads made her end up on a private property of dog farm of a sled-dog owner. The property belonged to Chocpaw Expeditions who harbored umpteen dogs for the service. The condition in which the poor hapless creatures were forced to survive in this dog farm is beyond words according to me!

What did she behold?

A near total of 200 dogs were left outside in the scorching heat of 100 degrees while their movements were restricted by short chains in this dog farm. In the name of shelter they were provided with plastic barrels acting as their makeshift resting place.

Dog activist unveils the true condition of sled-dogs during off-season

Source: Days of the year

However, the overheated plastic did little to cater the need of these sled-dogs. The chains forced them to stay in a bounded region that they circled endlessly out of boredom and heat. The sad truth is that they are mistreated and to be honest tortured, however no one raises a voice against it.

The so-called owners in dog farm just feed the dogs, and the dutiful act make them authorized to pet them in whatever way they feel is right!

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