Donald Trump Fraud Confirmed? Will President Trump be Impeached?

Trump Fraud Impeachment

Donald Trump, without the shadow of a doubt, is one of the most controversial US Presidents of all time! The Trump administration has been marked by a number of scandals and has been marred by the looming shadow of Russian interference over the US political system. While Trump and his aides face a major inquiry over the whistleblower reports, it appears that Trump might be caught in another major financial scandal.

Donald Trump Impeachment

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Here’s a closer look at the latest White House controversy!

Donald Trump to face Penalty over Financial Fraud?

Observations based on a set of New York City property tax documents point at the face that President Trump might have taken bank loans under false pretexts in the past, as well as dodged providing statements in illegal manners. Pro Publica also points out that Trump’s efforts to avoid the payment of full property and inheritance taxes are also a major act of fraud!

Trump Impeachment

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Trump’s repeated attempts to hide his tax statements have raised several suspicions and as this investigation probes further, Trump might be in some serious trouble, especially at a time that he faces the threat of impeachment.

Could President Trump Be Impeached Over This?

Donald Trump Fraud

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While there’s a very limited chance that Trump will be impeached over this particular offense, this adds to the fact that Trump has been conducting a number of illegal activities over the years and will continue to sway Republican support away from him. In case an impeachment session is called at the White House over the whistleblower reports, Trump is actually in serious danger of being voted out of the office!

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