Donald Trump Impeachment Likely to Happen Over the Next 7 Days As House Will Vote on Resolution This Week

Donald Trump Impeachment Next Week

Donald Trump is in big trouble! The man has been accused of various things over the past three years of his Presidency but never has he been in such big trouble as he is in now. With the Democrats led by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now making an official impeachment inquiry against Trump, the process is all set to begin sometime this week – and if found guilty of wrongdoings, a vote will indeed be taken and a vote on removal might also take place later on.

Donald Trump Impeachment Process

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Will Donald Trump Survive an Impeachment Hearing?

There’s very little chance that Trump will survive an impeachment hearing but there’s a good chance that he will NOT be removed from office. Impeachment, basically, is the formal process of charing an elected official with malfeasance. Impeachment requires a simple majority which the Democrats currently have.

Donald Trump Impeachment

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However, while he might be impeached, removal might be hard because it would require a 2/3rds majority, meaning a number of Republicans would have to vote towards the removal of Donald Trump – which is an unlikely scenario.

What Happens if Donald Trump Gets Impeached and Removed from Office?

Donald Trump Impeachment Hearing

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While there is no clarity on this at the moment, if President Trump is impeached and removed, this will lead to a lot of confusion. However, odds are that following Trump’s departure, Vice President Mike Pence will become the President of the United States till the 2020 elections.

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