Don’t Buy the iPhone 11 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Don't Buy the iPhone 11 on Black Friday or Cyber Monday

Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max might be great phones but many people are waiting for the 2020 iPhone known as iPhone 12. Black Friday 2019 sales have most of the Apple iPhones on discounts and there are some deals on the iPhone 11 too, but we would like to advise that don’t buy the iPhone 11 on Black Friday or even Cyber Monday.

There are two simple reasons for not buying the latest iPhone this holiday, first is that there are rarely any good deals on the recently launched iPhone 11 series and second is that by waiting for just a few more months, you can get the upcoming iPhone 12. Here are the main reasons why you should wait for iPhone 12 and not purchase iPhone 11 in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Wait for the 2020 iPhone 12

Wait for the 2020 iPhone 12

Apple has not announced anything officially on the 2020 iPhone, but there are many rumors from trusted sources that give away a lot of information on the iPhone 12. The upcoming iPhone will have features such as 3D overhaul cameras, full-body OLED screens, display upgrades, latest processor, 5G support, and a much smaller notch.

There are also reports of Apple working on a budget-friendly 4.7-inch iPhone, which people are calling as iPhone SE 2. It makes the iPhone 11 redundant as there is nothing new except the third camera which doesn’t make any difference, to be honest. Here are the rumored features of 2020 Apple iPhone 12 which are enough for you to not get an iPhone 11 in the Black Friday sale event.

Apple iPhone 12 Features

Apple iPhone 12 Features

  • Smaller notch and no bezels
  • New screen size variants 
  • Enhanced Displays
  • 5G Network Support
  • Incredible Performance
  • Upgraded quad Cameras
  • New Design and Body
  • Improved Water Resistance
  • Full Scree Touch Id Sensor
  • Early March Release

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