Doom Patrol Season 2 Trailer reveals the New Villains from Comic Books

Doom Patrol Season 2

Doom Patrol Season 2 unfolds the new villains, also displaying the show’s fancifulness. Releasing just months later after Season 1 of Titans, Doom Patrol was the second first-hand program to launch on the budding DC Universe streaming service. DC Universe has been successful with their early set of shows (except Swamp Thing that got canceled quickly) while trying to come up with new and long-standing programs. Doom Patrol Season 1 being an unusual and an extraordinarily heartening story, was acknowledged coequally by the fans and the critics.

Doom Patrol Season 2

Introduction to Dorothy

Ever since Doom Patrol Season 1 concluded in May 2019, there are fans eagerly wanting more. Apart from the announcement of Doom Patrol Season 2 coming out, there were only slow-moving updates. Eventually, DC Universe announced the premiere of Doom Patrol Season 2 on June 25, to be running on Warner Bros’ HOB Max. Last week the trailer for Doom Patrol Season 2 showcased its fresh addition in the members: Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro), the Chief’s (Timothy Dalton) dominant and puzzling daughter, formerly teased In the Season 1.

Thanks to IGN, the launching of one more trailer of the Doom Patrol Season 2 gives away the new villains of the show, The Candlemaker and Red Jack. Furthermore it presents the SeX-Men, another superhero team. Doom Patrol has made a comeback, quirkier than ever.

Getting back in shape

Doom Patrol Season 1 concluded with almost the entire titular team reduced to miniscule forms except for Negative Man (Matt Bomer). The Doom Patrol Season 2 trailer gives glances of their attempts of gaining their normal size back and also succeeding at it eventually. Season 2 will be focusing a lot on Dorothy and her mystifying powers which definitely seems to be the reason for the upcoming episodes.

Welcome news for fans

Also there seems to be many enhancements in the core team, like Rita’s (April Bowlby) new resolution to master her abilities. With all of this happening, Doom Patrol pulls off maintaining the exceptionally unusual and quirky vibe, welcoming fans who were fascinated by Season 1 last year. Good news the premiere of Doom Patrol is just round the corner as fans cannot wait to watch their favorite characters again.

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