Dororo Anime Series Episode 18 is Nail-Biting Action Thriller

Dororo Anime Series Episode 18 is Nail-Biting Action Thriller

Episode 18 of Dororo is in air. The reviews are outstanding for it showed the epic conflict between good vs evil. This episode highlighted how the world seems perfect in every individual’s perspective.

It showed the conflict between Hyakkimaru and his brother that started from the earlier fights from Itachi and Shiranui. Dororo is out in search of a world with people who refuse to compromise with evil.

Forgiveness lets people suffer. He wants people to be unforgivable. The episode is full of actions and shows the determination of Dororo to the correct the wrongs.

Dororo Anime Series Episode 18 is Nail-Biting Action Thriller

What’s new in this episode?

This episode has a reunion scene of Dororo with Hyakkimaru. The emotional view showing foreheads rub and cheek pinch raised the bar of the storyline for the episode. These emotions are the same proved to Dororo by his mother in Episode 17.

Now, the feelings are exchanged between brother and sister. Dororo feels emotional and is furious. These type of scenes clear the plot of the story. It gives a pinch of emotion to the thrilling action sequences. This journey of turning Hyakkimaru into a human is putting feelings in character.

Dororo Anime Series Episode 18 is Nail-Biting Action Thriller

To the fans surprise Hyakkimaru got the leg from Shiranui’s Shark to regain full power. Earlier in the series Shiranui’s scene with his dying mother made Dororo go to a flashback of his own life.

Every character in this episode has a reason to fight, which is making this episode a worth watch. The action and thrill attract more and more audience to every event. The storyline of this excellent animated series attracts more fans.

The series makes it difficult for the fans to judge the characters. The death of certain characters is difficult to claim as they deserve it. The fight sequences will lead this episode to a countless number of bodies.

There is no strength to showcase. The death of many characters in this week is going to make fans crazy. Fans are excited and waiting for the next episode. Episode 18 is already streaming on repeat.

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