Shocking Incident happened on Robert Downey Jr. 54th birthday!

Shocking Incident happened on Downey Jr. 54th birthday!
54th birthday of Iron Man celebrated in an extravagant manner.

On 4 April, Robert Downey Jr. went out for celebrating his biggest day with his fans. Downey, 54, Shines in the middle of the artwork as Robert’s surrounded by avenger costars.

We have an image of him dressed in a superhero form. His gold and red suit is the best. But his crisp three-piece suits look awesome on him.

Tony Stark is known to experiment with his style statement and at times that have been look down upon.

While the audience is eager to see their appearance in Marvel’s Avenger: Endgame that hit the theatres soon.


A cryptic crossword puzzle is shared by his fans and reposted on his Instagram account as an Avengers fan art.

However, Iron Man’s very own colleagues, his Avengers pals,

have also taken social media in order to wish the actor on joyous occasion.

His co-stars, who play Captain America, Thor, Black Panther,

Hawkeye and the Hulk, shared photos for a birthday message for Tony.

Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in the Marvel movies, took to social media and share a picture with Robert Downey Jr. and wrote birthday greetings.

Many of his fans solved the puzzle and sent him!

Well, can you solve this Puzzle?

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