Dr Mario World releases ahead of its scheduled date for the excited gamers

Dr Mario World releases ahead of its scheduled date

Did we hear it right, is it earlier? And of course, Dr Mario World is released a day earlier from its scheduled day. Nintendo developed the game which is slated for the smartphone world. Thus, the game comes on smartphone stores a day earlier. It was scheduled to release on July 10 for iOS platform but it is also early for Android too.

Dr Mario World is more of a same to candy crush

This literally is a new type of experience but it depends a lot more faithfulness to enjoy the real game. However, from the preview of the game previously it clearly signifies a lot of changes for smartphones.

Making every seconds enjoyable, from flipping and turning just like a Tetris turnaround. In addition, the game is more likely to contradict with the existing game development known as Candy crush. Just like, candy crush this game also follows the same pattern of the stage by stage clearance.

Dr Mario World releases ahead of its scheduled date

The game is more the same as Candy Crush
Credits: Nintendo Reporters

Though users have already spent their half of the life in playing Candy Crush. However, at times it considered itself as the most addictive game ever built.

But now, Dr Mario World gave us a similar vibe and it is a blast from Nintendo’s production. The game is free to play which means, it won’t charge bucks to continue playing.

But there’s a breach in the gameplay, it will only allow a certain number of tries to continue playing which is measured in hearts.

Dr. Mario World feels more like Candy Crush than the classic NES game from nintendo

Different challenges and bonus levels to be added

So, if you lose heart in the game, it can be received back if you win the match. The hearts can be drawn back with the help of diamonds which is the game’s currency.

The gacha system which helps to unlock different characters and assistants. There is also daily rewards and hearts can be exchanged between other players and friends.

Dr Mario World releases ahead of its scheduled date

Dr Mario World is a free to play game
Credits: Android Police

However, Dr Mario World animation is quite interesting along with its gameplay. Further, many levels and challenges are yet to be added to the game kingdom.

For Nintendo, this game isn’t the most flagship game instead Mario Kart Tour tops the list. But it seems that the game is super exciting and fantastic.

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