Dr. Stone Chapter 163 Spoilers, Leaks: A big battle in store for the fans?


Chapter 163 leaks of Dr. Stone points towards unveiling the mystery project that Xeno has been working on. It is highly anticipated that there could be a battle between Senku’s Kingdom of Science and Xeno’s group.

Spoilers about the next major battle

Fans only have some leaks and it is yet to be seen if we could lay hands on more information in the upcoming days. The title suggests that a huge war is in store for the fans. A rivalry has been brewing between the Kingdom of Science and Xeno’s empire for a long time.

Chrome is leading the Kingdom of Science at the moment. Senku escaped death after being shot by Stan. There is not much information about the upcoming chapter and the fans are in for a big surprise.

In chapter 161. Xeno visited Brody at the factory where he works. Brody has told Xeno that his secret weapon would be ready in two weeks. Chrome also has the same timings set for his DRILL. In chapter 162, fans saw that the drilling machine was ready and fully functional. This indicates that Xeno’s secret weapon was also ready.

In chapter 163, fans will get to know about Xeno’s secret weapon. It is speculated that it is not exactly a weapon, but a submarine transport machine. But fans will have to wait to see if it turns out to be true.

An unlikely ally for Kingdom of Science?

The source also claims that the Kingdom of Science has an alliance with Xeno’s follower. In the earlier chapter, we saw that one of Xeno’s guard named Carlos was taken by Taiju and tied to a tree. Even though that doesn’t sound friendly, it was revealed that Carlos has a good rapport with Taiju. As both the groups are ready with their weapons, the battle may begin anytime soon.

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