Dr. Stone season 2 Release Date, Spoilers: What to Expect in the Anime?

Dr. Stone season 2

Dr. Stone, the popular Japanese series, is returning with its second instalment. Therefore, the viewers are desperately looking forward to it. Its high ratings gave way to its renewal. A few details of what is to come in the new season have already been announced.

In the first instalment, 24 episodes were aired. Season 1 concluded on Dec. 13, 2019.

Dr. Stone is a story of a Post-Apocalyptic World

The survivors of this world are still recovering from the mysterious happenings that took place many centuries ago. One such survivor is Senku Ishigami, a teenager who awakens after thousands of years.

All the humans on the planet have turned to stone. The cause for it is still unknown. However, Senku aims to find the answers. His first task was to unpetrify the population. He managed to normalise some of his friends using science. Together they tried to find a way to awaken the civilisation and dig the truth on how all this came to be in the first place.

Dr. Stone season 2

Tsukasa was one of the first people Senku woke. But then Tsukasa turned into the villain, even though it was only for the first few arcs.

Tsukasa believed the old world was tainted and shouldn’t be revived, he did not like Senku’s way of science. Hence, he created his own empire of power and strength. Even went to the extent of destroying petrified adults who could interfere in his plans.

Dr. Stone season 2

The opposition turned into a big-time rivalry. Along with new allies, Senkū’s Kingdom of Science indulges in a war with Tsukasa’s clan. Senku ultimately emerged victoriously. Nevertheless, the rivalry continues.

In the upcoming season, it was revealed in the teaser that the two will get involved in a big battle between their groups. The arc for the new season is called the “Stone Wars” and it will start with the episode titled the “Kingdom of Science! All forces advance!” It will be Senku and Tsukasa’s fight. Chrome and Gen will be Senku’s main allies in the war. Also, the mystery of Petrification Kingdom, who possess the device used to petrify the world, will be solved.

Release Date For Season 2

The new season was to be released originally in July. However, due to the global pandemic situation, the premiere was delayed. Last week, Crunchyroll announced that the new date has been set for January 2021.

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