Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlocked: Everything you need to know

Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlocked

Medial Molecule will soon enable early access for PS4 users with their newest title, Dreams. It will happen much sooner than the game’s original release date. Early access to the game which had started on April 16th.

This news is confirmed by official PlayStation blog, the early access won’t provide every feature that will be available in the full release, but users will have the developer toolset available for creating, as well as attractive tutorials, template and arcade games.

Dreams PS4 Early Access Unlocked: Everything you need to know

The cost of this Early Access will be $29.99.

For every PlayStation 4 user, they can purchasable the Dreams game directly from the PlayStation Store.

In addition to this users will get the unlocked full game once it becomes available, though the release date is yet to be announced by media molecule.

Why you should wait and not buy this Dreams Early Access!

Although, the game is going to release in the near future still its release date is not confirmed.

We don’t have any idea how the game is going to look like.

At this early access is just a set of developer toolset for the original game that is going to be released one day.

Also, the money they are charging for early access is not less at all, 29.99 bucks.

So, for now, if you don’t want to contribute to this game we suggest you, ignore this early access program. You can buy the original full release game as it gets released in the future. For now, you can invest your 30 bucks in any other amazing game.


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