Dreamworks has not Canceled Shrek 5, Details on the Reboot Story are Out

Shrek 5 Plot Update Dreamworks has not Canceled the Movie, Details on the Reboot Story are Out

Shrek 5 release date or any official update is not out and fans have been waiting for it since the last decade. Dreamworks animation has made a lot of good movies and the Shrek franchise is one of their best creations. Even though the rumor mill is almost dry, Shrek 5 is happening and there is no way NBCUniversal will cancel it.

The fifth sequel in the series, Shrek 5 could be a reboot as per most of the reports and it means the basic plotline will be changed to a good extent. Shrek 5 Reboot plot will have a totally different theme and here are the latest updates on the script and story for the upcoming Shrek sequel movie.

Shrek 5 Reboot Plot Leaks and Spoilers Explained

Shrek 5 Reboot Plot Leaks and Spoilers Explained

Shrek 5 has been confirmed ever since the fourth Shrek movie was released and everyone thought that it would carry the story forward from ‘Shrek Forever After’ but that isn’t happening anymore. The producers at NBCUniversal has new plans for the fifth Shrek movie as they want a fresh concept and a modern-day story for the modern audience.

It is why Shrek 5 will be a reboot and not a sequel, but the characters and actors won’t be changed, something like Blade Runner 2049. The studio heads want a modernized version of the movie and hence they signed Michael McCullers as the new writer to have a fresh take on the Shrek 5 storyline. McCullers will give new twists and turns to the Ogre plot and the scriptwriting process is finished as per some reports.

Shrek 5 is Not Canceled, Release Date is Fixed

Shrek 5 is Not Canceled, Release Date is Fixed

Shrek 5 is an almost confirmed thing and there is no way it could get canceled at this point. Michael McCullers is done with the script and the crew members have been given a green signal to start work on Shrek 5 once they are done with Puss in the Boots sequel. NBCUniversal has also booked a slot for Shrek 5 Reboot and it will have a release date of September 23, 2022.

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