Drew Barrymore Rumors: Actress is Trying to get back with Exes; Will Kopelman and Justin Long?

Drew Barrymore Rumors: Actress is Trying to get back with Exes; Will Kopelman and Justin Long?
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Drew Barrymore is trying to back together with her exes is something a few tabloids are claiming these days. There are reports that the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress is unable to find someone new, so she is trying to reconnect with her exes; Will Kopelman and Justin Long and here is the truth behind those rumors.

Drew Barrymore is Trying to get back with Will Kopelman and Justin Long?

As per the OK! magazine reports, Drew Barrymore is getting back together with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. The source claims that the ex-couple is trying to give their relationship another chance and they could even get remarried. The source further adds that Drew and Will share two kids together and now they are looking for a fresh start. However, the rumors were totally fake as Barrymore and Kopelman have no plans to reunite.

The same OK! magazine later reported that Drew Barrymore is back with her ex-boyfriend Justin Long after exchanging some flirty texts and emails. The source further added that Barrymore has realized that Long was the best boyfriend she ever had as he cared for her so much and they could make it work this time. However, the reports are totally false as Drew and Justin are only friends and have no plans to get back together.

Drew Barrymore Rumors and Real Truth

Drew Barrymore has always been the main target of the tabloids as she is somehow part of a rumor or gossip. There have been reports that Barrymore and Tom Cruise are dating, but nothing about the story is true. Apart from that, there are reports claiming that Drew won’t date men anymore which was later debunked as a joke and fans should not trust such rumors.

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