Driverless Electric Vehicle Delivery started in Sweden

Driverless Electric Vehicle Delivery started in Sweden

The driverless vehicle is becoming a reality. A few years ago imagining a truck without a driver would sound more like a joke. But now these things have become reality.

A driverless lorry has started giving services in public roads in Sweden. The lorry weighs 26tonnes when it is fully packed and does not include any cabin for the driver. The vehicle has been tested by the logistics company DB Schenker and the developer.

Driverless Electric Vehicle Delivery started in Sweden

Driverless cars can be used for making small trips on public roads

However, the driverless vehicle is not completely on its own, the vehicle will be controlled by an operator that will be sitting miles away. The operator will be able to control and supervise the T-pod. Delivering on the public roads with a semi-autonomous lorry and having a permit for that is a major milestone.

The company is expecting to launch 200 such vehicles by the end of the year 2020.

Driverless Electric Vehicle Delivery started in Sweden

On public roads in Sweden, the vehicle can move at a speed of 5Km/hr

However, there are some restrictions that T-pod will be following. The driverless vehicle has permission to travel for small trips between a terminal and a warehouse.
On a public road on central Sweden in Jonkoping, the lorry can move up to 5Km /hr. Einride will apply for permissions to use the lorry on more public roads by next year. 
Well, one thing is sure that the time is not so far when you will be travelling in driverless cars. Many companies are working on such concepts. Share your views in the comment section below. Also, follow for more amazing updates.

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