Dune 2020 Trailer, Leaks, Release Date and Everything you need to know


Dune (2020) is set to release on 18 December 2020. However, director Denis Villeneuve has clarified that the sci-fi spectacle’s final edits will have to be done quickly to complete the movie on time. Despite the warning, fans believe that the movie will be out in December this year.

Here’s all you need to know about he release date, leaks to official statements and other things about Dune (2020).

Is the trailer for Dune 2020 out yet?

Even though the trailer of Dune 2020 is not out yet, it can be here any moment now. As the movie is scheduled for December, the trailer should be out soon. Timothee Chalamet tweeted that the trailer may be out before September. September is already here, so the fans won’t have to wait for long.

What to expect in the trailer of Dune 2020?

The first trailer is expected to be short and more like a teaser trailer. The trailer may show some of the stuff that we have already seen in the official pictures and nothing more than that. the fans will also get to see the cast members including Timothee Chalamet as Paul, Zendaya as Chani and several other caste members.

The trailer may also reveal the famous sandworms native to the planet Arrakis. But if sandworms of the ‘Godzilla’ of the movie, then we would certainly have to wait till the final trailer to see them. A rumor suggests that even though we won’t get to see the sandworms, we may see Paul in the Arrakis desert.

Dune trailer available online

A fan-made trailer is already available online. It is created by Screen Culture. It puts together footage from the 1984 Dune, Star Wars films and other movies of the cast members.

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