Dwayne Johnson announces retirement from WWE for acting

Dwayne Johnson announces retirement from WWE for acting

It’s been more than five years since The Rock, Dwayne Johnson fought a full bout in WWE and he has officially announced his retirement now. But almost every one of his fans could see his coming looking at his meteoric rise in his other profession, acting.

The Rock, Dwayne Johnson announced his retirement in an interview for his Friday release Hobbs And Shaw. Dwayne Johnson was talking on Live with Kelly when the 47-year-old announced his retirement from WWE was putting an end to an illustrated career.

Dwayne Johnson enjoyed a prolific WWE Career

The Rock debuted on WWF in 1996 and the rest, as they say, is history. Dwayne Johnson went on to win 5 WWE Championships and was the crowd favorite. The Rock was recently rated as the biggest superstar to show up on Smackdown. In a list that had Rey Mysterio and Undertaker in it, this is no mean feat.

The Rock indeed misses his gala time at the Ring. Dwayne Johnson was quite a character at his peak but went on to pursue; someone would argue, a better career in acting.

Dwayne Johnson announces retirement from WWE for acting

The Rock’s movies have become the highest grosser in North America. Image: MTV

He first announced his sabbatical from WWE in 2002 and had sporadical appearances in the ring after 2007. His fight came way back in 2013 against John Cena.

Master of all trades

The Rock pretty much excels in everything he does. He was a footballer before his entry into the Ring. A fighter in the ring, he was the entertainer of the McMohan era. The Rock also broke the record for the longest title reign in 2000.

Dwayne Johnson can also hit a golf ball so long it might break the record. He recently hit a ball around 490 yards while performing on his show Ballers.

The current worth of The Rock is a whopping $64.5m, and Hobbs and Shaw are expected to make him richer.

What’s your favorite The Rock moment in the ring? Light up the comments section in tribute to the people’s favorite.

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