E-cigarette flavorings could be dangerous to your heart: Study

E-cigarette flavorings could be dangerous to your heart

E-cigarette flavorings may pose unique heart risks, according to a study conducted by Stanford University’s cardiovascular institute.

The study was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

A study on how e-cigarette flavorings affect the heart


Led by the institute’s director Dr. Joseph Wu, the study noted that it is essential to understand the heart risks that e-cigarette flavoring may bring, especially that vaping is now a growing trend among teens.

As it is impossible to involve human testing, the team of Dr. Wu grew cells that generally line healthy human dishes in laboratory dishes. The cells were exposed to six various e-cigarette flavorings to find out if the flavors, minus the nicotine, cause any effects.

The cells were likewise monitored to examine what happens when they were bathed in blood taken from individuals soon after smoking an e-cigarette.

The exposed cells were compared to blood taken from regular cigarette smokers and non-smokers.

E-cigarette flavorings could be dangerous to your heart: Study

The results: Do e-cigarette flavorings pose heart risk?

The researchers reported that vaping and some flavorings can increase heart risk by triggering blood vessel dysfunction. Results of the experiment showed signs of cell damage and inflammation, which could make it hard for them to heal wounds and new blood vessels.

Menthol and cinnamon were found to be the most toxic.

University of Massachusetts’ Dr. Jane Freedman cautioned that small laboratory studies such as this one are inconclusive. She, however, noted that the work should spur more safety testing.

E-cigarette flavorings could be dangerous to your heart: Study

She said: “[The findings] suggest that even without the smoke of combustible cigarette products, there may be a smoldering fire of adverse health effects.”

The team of Wu intends to conduct more studies. They are planning to work with normal cells and so-called iPS cells taken from healthy participants and reconfigured to grow into any type of tissue, including heart and brain tissues.

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