Earthquake near California hit on Thursday with 6.4 magnitude

Earthquake near California hit on Thursday with 6.4 magnitude

The most recent earthquake near California saw the devastating effects on Thursday. With a magnitude scale of 6.4 this earthquake affected the southern areas of California. According to the Geological survey, this magnitude scaled the highest in two decades. However, the area was struck by a 5.4 magnitude on Friday where some medical and fire incidents also occurred.

Earthquake near California: causalities

The earthquake near California struck during the afternoon at 1 pm. However, due reports claim no one is injured or no casualties occurred. There were emergency calls from Ridgecrest as it is near the epicentre of the earthquake. The area covered a population of 30,000, some calls related to a house fire, unavailability of electricity were received.

Earthquake near California hit on Thursday with 6.4 magnitude

The earthquake hit California region with 6.4 magnitude
Credits: Twitter

Many evacuation centres were installed including the Walmart near Ridgecrest. Officials also made statements regarding the evacuation of locals including a hospital.

Mr Jones local residents claimed, the recent earthquake is the most severe he ever felt. A geophysicist, Paul Caruso explains that, if the earthquake’s epicentre would have been near Los Angeles, it would be worse. Seismologist, Lucy Jones says, since 1999 this earthquake with 6.4 magnitudes is the biggest in California region.

The shocks were tremendous

A recent report from USGS visualizes there were many aftershocks after the 6.4 earthquakes on Thursday. However, this mayhem didn’t cause any casualties or losses with a comparison of San Andreas.

The San Andreas earthquake made more tremendous losses and casualties with 2000 death and over 200 US dollars damage. Whereas, the injuries increased overall as compared to the magnitude of 7.8 magnitudes.

Earthquake near California hit on Thursday with 6.4 magnitude

Fire burns out a house at Ridgecrest
Credits: USA today

During a news conference highway patrol commander revealed, Highway 178 created a crack and boulders fell over 395. However, the administration cleared within an hour. Donald Trump also made statements regarding the earthquake near California, on a twitter post.

Consequently, it depends on the people of Los Angeles to feel the earthquake. It depends on what people were engaged in doing at the time of earthquake near California.

While people driving vehicle were unaware of the earthquake. Whereas those who were inside a building or offices rather experienced some tremendous shock.

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