Another Ebola Outbreak Feared After Samples Secretly Transferred to China

ebola virus outbreak

Thursday revealed shocking news regarding the secret transfer of the Ebola virus and other hazardous viruses between Canada and China. The report states that Canadian health officials have accepted the proposal of transfer of jeopardizing virus samples to China.

The contract of transfer is said to be dated sometime in March of the current year! The virus holds power that could be used for commencement of a dangerous bio-welfare program, thus making the transfer a cause of worry for several.

The Ebola virus and other samples’ trade has raised a world-wide alarm

Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory officials will do the transfer of the dangerous virus. The people involved in the matter are defending themselves with the excuse of international health research campaign.

According to the embroiled officials, the handing-over of Henipavirus and Ebola virus is just a part of a research campaign. However, the experts of the fields have an entirely different perceptive regarding the matter.

If the experts’ point of view is considered, then the move should be looked up to with great alarm. One of the senior scientists working on the project of Ebola samples in Winnipeg-based NML Xiangguo Qiu detached from her position mid-July. The unexpected firing became official on July 5.

Even her husband, Keding Cheng along with an unknown number of students with Chinese background were also removed. The reason for removal came out to be an unspecified policy breach, which till-date remains unknown.

What harm could the wrongly-handled samples inflict on the world?

Now speculations say that the removal and firing have been intentionally implemented. The main motive behind tossing-out the individuals is the transfer of samples. Canadian Public Health Agency spokesperson announced that the matter is being investigated by the government.


ebola virus outbreak

The quotes on states that the expert scientists in the field of biological warfare hold strong concerns regarding the matter. According to them, China could use the Ebola and Henipahvirus samples for developing a biological agent. The matter of concern is that the vaccine or the anti-virus may remain only with China in that case.

However, China refuses to be involved in any such activities. So, for now, things are still unclear and uncertain!

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