Ed Sheeran confirms he secretively married his childhood crush Cherry Seaborn

Ed Sheeran Confirms his marriage with Cherry Seaborn

I have spent my whole childhood crushing over Ed Sheeran and now it seems the singer has finally found someone to stick to, for the rest of his life.

Yes, Ed Sheeran is officially married now to none other than his long-time beau, Cherry Seaborn. So, Sheeran is finally off the market, girls ! You can’t formally dream of him now.

Ed Sheeran is officially a married man

Ed Sheeran Confirms his marriage with Cherry Seaborn


The simple, shy Ed Sheeran has always been quite particular about his personal life with Seaborn. Although, they have known each other since childhood. It took Ed Sheeran, more than a decade to finally ask her out in 2015.

After months of churning rumor mills over him, Ed Sheeran has finally given a whirl about his ‘married’ status in a recent video interview with iHeart. Although, the reporters tried their hard to focus the lenses on his recent release ‘No.6 Collaborations Project.’ But they just couldn’t help themselves to divulge further into Sheeran’s love story.

Ed has already signaled at his marriage with Seaborn in his recent, Remember the Name. Meanwhile, the Eminem and 50 Cent featured song goes as:

My wife usually wears red, but she looks better without lipsticks

Ed Sheeran further clarified the song was shoot before they got married. But at some point he knew, the song will release much after they would have been together.

Ed and Cheery: a fairytale of two childhood loves

That is Sheeran’s sheer way of revealing his life’s most heavenly hiding !

I recorded the song before me and Cherry got married. But it’s like we’d be married before the song will come out. I thought Someone’s be like, ‘Oh, they’re married!’ after hearing the song.

It is reported that the two tied the marriage knot in a private ceremony, a few day following Christmas. They chose their home in Suffolk, England as their wedding venue.

Moreover, they’d invited only 4o close members, including Ed Sheeran’s closest pals, the family men and priest to mark their special day. It seems that every bit of inclusive stuff has it’s own significance between Ed and Cherry.

Ed Sheeran Confirms his marriage with Cherry Seaborn

picture: THE SUN

It was a quiet, tiny winter wedding. They are right when they say, simplicity is the utmost sophistication. The way Ed Sheeran organised has made me go aww.

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