Egypt’s former President Mohamed Morsi dies in court during trial

Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi dies in court during trial-h daaj

Egypt’s ousted President, Mohamed Morsi, who was the first ever civilian to rule the country as the president and was ousted the next year itself by the military, died in court during a trial on Monday.

The news was officially confirmed by the state TV.

Egypt’s ousted president Morsi dies in court from worldnews

His family in the press release said that the 67 years old Morsi who had just addressed the court collapsed a few minutes after saying that he had many secrets which if he shares set him free of imprisonment but he chose not to share them keeping in view of the national security.

The Brotherhood made accused the government in several ways. It accused the Government of torturing Morsi by keeping him in solitary and barred him from visits. Senior Brotherhood official Amr Darrag called for an international team to carry out the forensics to the body. He also termed the death of Morsi a well-planned assassination.

Anyways, it was a dramatic end to the person who was the centre for many unexpected twists and turns that took place in Egypt politics since its revolution.

Mohamed Morsi last days

After winning in the elections held after Mubarak’s fall, Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most powerful Islamist group was accused of monopolizing the power and using violence against the opponents. Later, Mohamed Morsi was dethroned in 2013 by the defence minister Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi with the help of the military.

Egypt's former president Mohamed Morsi dies in court during trial-h daaj

Morsi in prison

Since then, Morsi and other prominent Brotherhood leaders were imprisoned facing several accusations. Morsi was sentenced 20 years imprisonment and he was held in scorpion prison aka Tora. The prison is famous for its low standards and poor facilities. It is also said that the prison doesn’t compromise with the international and Egypt prison standards as well.

Mohamed Morsi is known to have suffered from diabetes. Keeping in view of the poor facilities of the prison, the members of Brotherhood accused the Government of “assassinating” Morsi by keeping him in that prison despite knowing his health complications.

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