Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019: Date, Schedule and Everything Released

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019

You all must have heard about Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, which is in short called E3 2019. The E3 2019 is not much far, it going to come soon as the dates of E3 2019 is from 11 June to 13th June.

The Real Event

The press conference that is going to take place before the actual event is from 9th June to 11th June. This event is just gold for all those tech and gaming enthusiasts, who wait for the whole year to come and join this event. Also to have a look at how the technology is growing. And also what new things are these top gaming companies are going to show off in the event.


Different gaming console companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and many other such companies take part in this event and showcase their upcoming products and provide a live demo of those products.

The events that are taking place in the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019

  • Different gaming console and tech giant companies are going to showcase their new upcoming products at 1 PM on 11th
  • There could be some new introductions that could be made by Microsoft for something new or about their next Xbox.
  • Some new updates from the top gaming series could be launched, such as- Halo, Devil May Cry, Call of Duty and much such gaming series.
  • Developer Digital press conference is going to take place at 7 PM on 11th

Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019: Date, Schedule and Everything Released

This Electronic Entertainment Expo event that is going to take place on 11th June 2019. It is not only for getting updates about the new gaming console series, but this event also provides updates about the forthcoming games. This is for which many people are eagerly waiting.

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