Ellen DeGeneres tells her story of sexual abuse

Ellen DeGeneres tells her story of sexual abuse

Ellen DeGeneres tells her story of sexual abuse and the culprit was her father. Yes, it is difficult even to read about such incidents of our favorite host. Why on earth would someone hurt someone else, and why on earth would the person not speak a word! Ellen has been spreading smiles and wiping tears through her show.

She has been hosting ‘The Ellen’s Show’ and she hasn’t changed over the years. The white smile and shiny eyes hold deep water secrets and she has womanned up enough to talk of them aloud! She has been a victim of sexual abuse in her teenage and now she is a strong woman motivating other victims to come out to the world.

Ellen DeGeneres tells her story of sexual abuse

Ellen opens up to David Letterman
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Ellen DeGeneres Interview at My Next Guest

Ellen DeGeneres came out to David Letterman on his talk show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ and we are a little more proud of her. Pretty smiles run a disguise and undoubtedly Ellen’s smile has hidden such a huge story all this time. In the interview, she told David Letterman that her mother (Betty DeGeneres) married a ‘very bad man’.

Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which resulted in the removal of one of her breasts. The cancer surgery proved to be the ace of a card to a father. He told her that when her mother was out of town he felt a lump in her breast and he needed to feel Ellen’s breasts because he didn’t want to upset her, so he needed to feel hers!

Ellen’s father convinced her and since then the trail started. Later, it got so intense that he attempted to break the door of her room causing her to escape from the window.

Ellen DeGeneres tells her story of sexual abuse

She told her mother about the abuse but her mother didn’t believe her.

When did she open up about the incident?

Ellen DeGeneres first told her mother about it but her mother didn’t pay heed to her daughter. Her mother stayed with her stepfather for another 18 years.

Ellen still wishes her mother should have believed her story but it is all in the past now. Until she left him because his side of the story always changed. In 2005, Ellen DeGeneres told the Allure magazine of her story, later she also spoke of her abuse in the show ‘Today’ with Savannah Guthrie.

Ellen recently told about her sexual abuse to David Letterman in ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ 

Ellen's Car

Has anyone seen Ellen's car? Find out where it ended up on the new season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction – coming to Netflix May 31.

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