Eminen’s estranged Father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. dead at 67


Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. was Eminem’s estranged and biological father. A dad, who disowned his own children and wife when they needed him the most. Unfortunately, the renowned rapper’s father has died this week. Eminem never got to see his father, nor has a cheerful memory of him to go on with his life. He abandoned Eminem, when he was just 18 months old- just when he was a mere toddler.

Eminem’s father dies of heart stroke

Eminen's Estranged Father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Dead at 67

Picture: TMZ

Marshall died of heart attack while being at home near Fort Wayne in Indiana. And, he was just 67.

Eminem has a very disturbing past while his parents play their respective parts in his childhood traumas. The rapper underwent a series of verbal and psychological traumas due to his parents. People say that our parents are partly responsible for our success and failures. Eminem’s stage-name depicts the same for his mother.

Eminem is an abbreviation to “Every Mother Is Nice Except Mine.”Now, we can imagine the measures of suffering he went through as a child.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka our loving Eminem clearly mentions of his life-long grudges against his parents, especially his father. His mega-hits, Cleanin’ Out My Closet and My Name is reflects his straining relationship with his dad.

He raps of his father as :

My father must’ve had his panties up in a hurry ‘Cause he split. I wonder for a goodbye kiss. But I know, he did’t, on second thought, I just wished he died. I look at Hailie(her daughter) , and couldn’t picture leaving her aside.


Eminem has an antagonizing relationship with his parents

Eminen's Estranged Father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Dead at 67

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Eminem’s mother, Debbie Nelson  married Eminem’s father when she was 15 while Bruce aged 22. Two years later. Eminem was born to them. Shortly after his birth, the couple saw a split, that wasn’t amicable at all. The rapper’s father moved to California, married again and fathered two more children. Meanwhile, Debbie settled with Eminem and her family in Detroit.

Eminem never got to see his father. He tried to reach out to him through letters but they came back with tags of  “return to sender.” He would sometimes call Eminem’s mother but never made any talk to Eminem.

Meanwhile, after Eminen’s roaring success, his father penned down some letters while addressing to his son, he never attempted to meet. He explained his sides in the letter. He told Eminem that his mother was the one who kept them away. Even after his point of view broke out publicly, he never gave a burl to meet Eminem, in his lifetime. They never really reconciled.

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