Eye Patch of Madonna: Mystery unveiled

Eye Patch of Madonna: Mystery unveiled

The sensational pop- star is spotlighted, once again. But this time the reason’s beyond her singing talent. It is the divisive eye patch of Madonna that’s luring the attention of her fans and trouble makers,too.

Madonna has an eye patch-why?

Eye Patch of Madonna: Mystery unveiled


Madonna had an estranged interview at Graham Norton Show two nights before along with Lily James and Sir Ian McKellen. Handsome charmer, Piers Morgan mocked Madonna for her “ridiculous” look and called her “rude” for not remembering McKellen, with whom she had a rough encounter years ago.

The night was full of glamour and sheer disagreements. Fans speculated whether Madge is suffering from an eye problem and using the patch to conceal it.

The superstar seem to be pretty disappointed with the fan theories and crushed down each one of them. For Madonna, it was just another way of reinventing herself, which she had done countlessly in her career.

The eye patch can be related to her newest persona of Madame X – mysterious yet full of purpose.

She has finally revealed to media that the eye patch is a part of the complex character portrayed by her in her new “Madame X” album.

Just Madonna ways to divulge deep into her characters!

Madame X:

Eye Patch of Madonna: Mystery unveiled

Picture- VARIETY

The 60-yo mega star opens up about her new identity. Madonna says, “She’s a spy, a secret agent. She travels and changes her identity continuously. She sleeps with one eye wide open. She’s been wounded multiple times. So she’s covering up one of her eyes.”

The name, Madame X is closer to her heart. It was her dance teacher, Martha Graham, who named her Madame X. And now after forty years of the incidence, she returns with the same persona.

The album is a gift to feminine beauty of nature. It not only explores the vulnerability of a woman but her fierce powers, she possesses in times of need.

She then speaks about creativity and imagination. And how it churns her motherhood and musical abilities. She shares that even the art of motherhood requires creativity. Madonna has also accepted of falling in love, yet again.

When asked about her new mate; she wittingly covered the question with the phrase, None of your business.

Madame X is now streaming on iTunes and other music platforms.

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