Facebook and drives banned for Government employees


The incidents of hack and data leaks are growing in exponential values. The government have come out with a stricter work ethic for employees to tackle the threats. The restrictions on usage of social media especially Facebook are strict and employees need to follow them to avoid actions.

Facebook no more your office buddy

Government employees will now not be able to operate Facebook at work. The move has also banned Google drive and Usb drives from use at work.

Government employees face ban on use of Facebook and drives at work

National Information Security Policy & Guidelines (NISPG) have enforced the move to prevent any chance of data leaks. This also is a move to avoid damage due to employee carelessness of putting sensitive data on cloud services.

What exactly does the ban mean ?

The ban is applicable to all positions of government services. The list includes contract based personnel, third party staff, communication specialists and any one else involved in government offices.

The policy also bans an employee from taking a usb drive out of office without permission. Use of social media including Twitter, Facebook is completely banned and strict actions will be taken against violators.

Hard time for Cloud services

No classified data can now be stored in any of google drive, iCloud or other cloud services. The note warns of penal action against violators of the same.

Employees can’t send Classified information via emails now. All sensitive data should be stored in allocated devices.

Over 87GB of email addresses and passwords exposed in Collection 1 dump from technology

The 24 page note also lays out practices for govt. Employees at home. While on home WiFi, government employees need to setup Media Access Control on their routers. They also list other processes for use of home WiFi for work.

The employees will definitely feel hard done by the strict decision. But this seemed like the only option for now with hackers advancing every day. It’s about national security after all. All the best government servants !

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