Facebook to take new steps to limit sharing of Fake News

Facebook Combating Fake News

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will take new measures to prevent Fake news from spreading.

The company will now look upon the groups that consistently shares misleading content on their pages.

Taking such a decision is a step to avoid Fake news on social media and other communication platforms.

Facebook to take new steps to limit sharing of Fake news

How does Fake News Work on Facebook

To promote this decision the company held a four-hour long meeting at Menlo Park.

Facebooks VP said in the event that Facebook doesn’t removes a post just becasue its false.

Rather we aim to reduce its reach and consequently reduce its distribution.

For example, if a Facebook group shares Fake information or posts that go against the companies guidelines. Then in such cases, Facebook pushes that post lower in the news feed.

Facebook to take new steps to limit sharing of Fake news

Facebook’s new features:

  1. Facebook will put a verified account badge in its communication app Messenger to avoid scammers.
  2. It will also allow users to delete their posts before leaving a group.
  3. The company will be working with outside experts to find new ways to identify misleading information.
  4. It will add “Trust Indicators” to the context button. This will help in providing more information about posts on Facebook.
  5. By the use of a “click-gap” signal, it will affect the position of a link in the news feed.

According, to Facebook the company will be limiting the reach of posts that are inappropriate or goes against the company’s guidelines.

This will probably be hurting for those Instagram pages that attract mature audiences.

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