Fair Oaks Farm Scam: Animal Abuse unearthed with a possible weed farm

Fair Oaks Farm Scam: They Cried Over Spilled 'Milk' Trapped in their Own Abuse

Fair Oaks Farm scam is all about they crying over ‘spilled’ milk and getting trapped in their own abuse. Just the other day I read a post about animals, and it showed a dog. The dog was shelter-less and the post reads

“It is difficult to take everything and not be able to express”.

When I scrolled down the comments section there were a lot of messages from animal lovers.

Fair Oaks Farm cries over spilled ‘milk’ trapped in their own abuse

The workers are high on marijuana which is cultivated in the farm itself. Source- USA Today

The Biggest Lie: Fair Oaks Farm Scam 

All of this happy picture broke when I saw the biggest undercover dairy industry lie! The milk which we drink and the company we idolize are making us equal criminals. Yes, Fair Oaks Farm, sounds like the most ideal farm, doesn’t it? Well. it has created such an image at least, but it is a delusion.

Fair Oak Farm has been abusing, torturing, and beating the cows and calves they have. To a point, where some cows even lost their voices because they were seeing their calves being beaten.

Almost every caretaker there is high and the farm has weed plants this how the workers get a free supply of weed. The calves have been kept under extreme temperature conditions and don’t get proper food too.

Fair Oaks Farm Scam: They Cried Over Spilled 'Milk' Trapped in their Own Abuse

The animals are stamped with a hot iron and the abuse doesn’t end no matter how much they shout
Source- Kinder World

How were these shown out?

It was due to the bravery and compassion of some ARM Invigilator who captured some footage of this abuse. Fun fact: The company is in tie-up with Coca Cola and it has been denying all its animal abuse deeds. Here the calves are transported to veal farms too. The twitter account is protected, because of their carelessness towards their calves.

Veal farms are where the male calves are slaughtered and are made ready to eat. While all of this was denied by Fair Oaks Farm, footage of the same have gone viral. Every person who has a beating heart is asking the judiciary to take strict action against Fair Oaks Farm and ruin it for life.

I have been doing my level best to provide for the animals. From keeping water containers in my window to healing bruises on a paw. Today, as I write this, I have a box of Fairy Oaks Farm milk, and I take myself the murderer of thousands of mute innocent lives.

Warning: Footage contains undercover information and some disturbing events.

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