Fake Call of Duty Mobile Cheats and Aim Bot Hacks Plague the Internet

Call of Duty Mobile Cheats and Aim Bot Hacks

Call of Duty mobile has become the number 1 game in the world ever since its launch this month earlier. The Android and iOS versions of Call of Duty were released to the general public on October 1 and it has been trending in the first spot all over. More than 20 million users have downloaded COD mobile already and have spent around $2 million for the in-app purchases.

Along with the game package, there is also a huge increase in the cheats and hacks for the mobile game. Fake Call of Duty mobile cheats, hacks and aimbots have plagued the internet which can be harmful to your devices.

Increase in Fake Call of Duty Mobile Cheats

Increase in Fake Call of Duty Mobile Cheats

Whenever a new game enters the market, it becomes the primary target for hackers and they release the hacked version on the internet. While some of the gamers are playing Call of Duty genuinely and learning with time, others are too lazy or incompetent to do the same. It has made them rely on the cheats and bots to play which has increased a lot as the game has gotten a lot popular. Here are the different types of fake COD mobile hacks which have been making huge rounds on the internet.

  • Console Cheats
  • Gravity and Speed Console Cheats
  • Play Any Level
  • Single Player cheats
  • Weapon Codes
  • Infinite Ammo

COD Mobile Hacks are Virus

COD Mobile Hacks can be Harmful

Mobile users who play Call of Duty game on their phones are too young and innocent who fall in the trap of these fake cheats and hacks. There are several hackers who have plagues such cheat files with viruses, spam and malware which could infect your smartphones.

Apart from that, the websites which share such COD hacks ask for user information which can be used to steal identity and money from bank accounts. Call of Duty mobile has a strict policy over hackers and cheater and doing so can lead to a lifelong ban and other legal punishments.

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