Feds take down $1 Billion Medicare fraud scheme in ‘Operation Brace Yourself’

Feds take down $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme in 'Operation Brace Yourself'

More than thousands of disabled patients and elderly people were lured by an international telemarketing network. The prosecutors of the case stated that their main motive was to trap them in a fraud scheme. The authorities stated that more than $2 billion Medicare fraud schemes were taken down.

According to the reports, the main culprits were the owners of the medical equipment companies and the doctors. Their only target was mostly disabled and old people. They tried to set them up with unnecessary neck, back, and knee braces to earn money. While examining the prosecutors also stated that they had never met.

Feds take down $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme in 'Operation Brace Yourself'

Break up of a billion-dollar Medicare scam.

The investigator’s reports

The investigators studied that the brace producers were giving bribes to doctors. They were working for telemedicine companies. The money was laundered through international firms. They used it to purchase luxurious real estate, yachts, and cars in the US and in other foreign countries.

Medicare Fraud explained in detail

Mostly, the doctor had a small conversation with the patients over a video or a call. They tried to force them to buy the prescription. They were paid a huge amount of money to get prescriptions for braces from the patients. The victims had no need for such precautions. But they were still lured to buy it.

Feds take down $1 billion Medicare fraud scheme in 'Operation Brace Yourself'

Operation brace yourself.

A family from Rochester, N.Y., stated that they received a back and knee braces in a box. It was sent by the same fraudulent supply company in Florida. The box was couriered to them by a doctor from North Carolina.

The daughter of the patient stated that her father had never heard or seen this doctor. The family reported the case in February and the Medicare was charged around $3,000.

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