Festa 2019: BTS unveils the timeline of their yearly fest

Festa 2019: BTS unveils the timeline of their yearly fest

Time for celebration, hip-hoppers!
BTS has dropped a trailer of Festa 2019. The event embarks the debut anniversary of the band, started in 2013.
Hold on to your chills and thrills for upcoming details.

Clearing the buzz for most-awaited event event of the year

Timeline of Festa 2019

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BTS has recently announced the dates of upcoming Festa 2019. Festa is a quick form of festival, which they celebrate to mark their first ever debut anniversary. The members have also updated the timeline of most-awaited hip-hop fest.

On their sixth debut anniversary, BTS is keen to taking things to a next level. They have released a 23-sec teaser-video for the fest that very much reminds people of their debut album, 2 Cool 4 Skool. The band members annually set stages from June 13 for the fest.

However, it will lead off early this year. The fest is scheduled to kick off by 3 June this year. The show will begin from showcasing their sets of family portraits and will be pushed further by variety of contents. The show will last till June 13.

The group will be sharing further details about the timeline and contents on their social medias’ respectively. Furthermore, the group members are also planning to launch their special photo edition describing their journey of 2018 to 2019.

Besides, the show will feature two new choreographed videos and an acoustic piano version of Euphoria song. The video also threw some hints at upcoming release of solo songs by BTS members; something “By Jin,” “Bangtan-yus,” and “Bangtan Attic.” BTS own song Anpanman, too will be spotlighted. I hope, the above details are enough to give you some major music- goals.

Meet our show-stoppers

BTS reveals timeline of festa 2019

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BTS always does it’s best to make the event, amazing and fun-filled. The yearly event tends to strengthen the bond of BTS members and their fans better than before. We hope the festival is worth our wait.

BTS is a seven-member-ed South Korean all-boy band based in Seoul. The band was formed in 2013 with key founding members; Jin(the vocalist), Suga and J-Hope( the rapper), RM(the leader cum rapper), Jimin, V and Jungbook( the vocalists).

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