Field of Dreams site to host first ever MLB game in Lowa

Field of Dreams site to host first ever MLB game in Lowa

The ‘Field of Dreams’ park is set to make MLB debut in Lowa. MLB.com announced that the cornfields of Lowa will have a ballpark that would host a MLB game in 2020. The said match will be played between White Sox and Yankees.

‘Field of Dreams’ site to make MLB debut in Lowa

The movie site will host the match between White Sox and Yankees in Dyersville, Lowa. MLB have also confirmed the date of the match as Aug 13, 2020. The said match will hence be the first major league baseball match at Lowa.

MLB announced that the ballpark constructed will have a seating capacity of 8000. They also showed glimpses of the beautiful Field of Dreams park in a tweet. It indeed looks like ‘heaven’ for MLB fans.

What is the hype about

There have been some iconic movies in MLB history. To name a few there’s Major League, there’s Bull Durham, there’s Eight Men Out, there’s The Pride of the Yankees, and there’s Field of Dreams. The movie features a man enacted by Kewin Costner.

Field of Dreams site to host first ever MLB game in Lowa

A still from ‘Field of Dreams. Image : Hollywood inquirer

In the course of the movie he hears a voice telling him “If you build it, he will come.” Obviously he still goes on to build the stadium in cornfields of Lowa. The site named Field of Dreams was eventually populated by the said ghosts of 1919 White Sox.

The movie was a blockbuster hit in 1989. The site has attracted a host of tourists during yesteryears. It has previously hosted charity events and even screening of Field of Dreams. But next summer is going to break the trend. This news also gives MLB fans something to cheer after the trade deadline ended and season is yet to start.

The Chicago White Sox also confirmed the construction and hosting of Lowa’s first ever match. The collaboration between MLB and White Sox is one to look out for. Are you excited for Lowa’s first ever match at the iconic site ? White Sox will definitely be over the moon after the news came out.

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