Fight at Disneyland breaks into a violent battleground – Video

Fight at Disneyland breaks into a violent battleground - Video

A very disturbing video is making havoc throughout the internet. While Police are making every step to clear out the real reason behind the video. The video visualizes a fight between the families member, took place at Disneyland California. The video which went viral was initially posted on July 7 made by an onlooker there. At first, people claimed that the fight took place between two families. However, police later confirmed that the fight at Disneyland took place between the single family members.

Fight at Disneyland occurred between the same family members

The man in a pink t-shirt started punching the woman when she spat on him. However, the argument reached its peak and two started punching each other. This incident caught sight of all the bystanders near Mickey’s Toontown in between the amusement park.

They even exchanged harsh words and resulting in a fist to a fist fight. While another man with a white t-shirt enters to stop the fight. Then both of them step against each other to make it more badly.

Disneyland Fight at Toon Town from orangecounty

Later, the man in white punches the second woman who tries to stop the situation. This becomes for fiery and the first man walks in to beat up the first woman by pulling her hair.

And he bangs her hand making her fall on the ground. This makes a twist, and both the woman then fights with each other. However, the fight results to cause the casualty to a third woman who tries to make the situation calm.

Fight at Disneyland breaks into a violent battleground - Video

Children scream while a man fights brutally with a woman at Toontown
Credits: Wikipedia

Use of abusive words and strong visuals carry in the video

A moment later, the first man again confronts the second woman by making violent actions. He makes offensive comments and beats her to the ground. And then people around him try to restrain while the woman remains injured. Soon after few minutes of security arrives and takes the situation in control.

The local police of Anaheim interviewed the family members but it seems like no-one is cooperative. However, the police confirmed about their fight at Disneyland and now they carry a criminal case. The full fight video is posted here. On a statutory notice, the video contains abusive words and visuals.

Crazy fight at Disneyland from Disneyland

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