Finally Verizon 5G Network is Giving Promising Speedtest Results

Finally Verizon's 5G Network is Giving Promising Speed

After many tests for a high-speed 5G network finally, the networking is giving good speed. The company Verizon that began its walk in the world of the 5G network is now getting successful speed tests. Verizon 5G network is getting into shape.

However, finding the Network is still spotty but whenever you get a signal you can experience high-speed internet.

Many tests have been done by the company in many places but they had some fluctuating results. The network may give high speed at some point in time and on others may give normal network speeds.

Finally Verizon's 5G Network is Giving Promising Speed

Verizon 5G network giving high speeds

Reaching the GB marker can happen many times if you are standing close to one of the 5G nodes. You can download movies or Tv shows at a very high speed and in seconds.

However, the network is yet not available for all. But according, to the company by the end of 2019 they will try cover as many places as they can. It might take some more time for the 5G network to be available to everyone even with their mid-range mobile phones.

Finally Verizon's 5G Network is Giving Promising Speed

The company is running test at many places and getting better results

A few years ago no one would have thought of a network so fast that it can download in seconds from the internet. Technology has advanced a lot over years and the constant dedication of companies like Verizon and many others have made it possible.

What are your views about the 5G network? Do share your views in the comment section. Also, follow for more amazing updates.

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