First Ever image of a Black Hole released by Astronomers

First Ever image of Black Hole released by Astronomers

Once again scientists have found that Albert Einstein’s theories were correct. The first-ever image of a Black Hole has been released by astronomers a few hours ago.

This Black is located at the centre of Galaxy M87.

M87 is a galaxy of the Virgo Galaxy Cluster, the black hole is 55 million light years away from earth.

First Ever image of Black Hole released by Astronomers

The image of The Black Hole.

The mass of this black hole is estimated to be 6.5 billion times the mass of Sun.

This achievement was possible by a collaboration of a number of telescopes worldwide, The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT).

According, to Harvard Astronomer and the director of EHT Shep Doeleman,

This is an amazing result. And the best part of this result is that it opens up a new field of study.

Till now Black holes have served as a theoretical concept and various experiments of scientists over years have stated the existence of such giants whose gravitational strength is so intense that even light could not escape it.

This is not the actual image of a Blackhole since we cannot a black hole because it also swallows light.

First Ever image of Black Hole released by Astronomers

The image is showing the effects of gravity on the radio waves that are emitted by the matter surrounding the Blackhole.

The hole in simple terms wraps up the shape of Spacetime and hence deflecting some light around its boundaries. This discovery is for sure one of the most important discoveries.

That will open the path of knowing our universe more deeply.

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