BREAKING: First ever official Re-Infection case of COVID-19 Coronavirus documented

  1. COVID-19 is the biggest problem of the whole world right now and there is still no cure for the pandemic. While the majority of the patients have been treated with the disease, there is a new case where a person has been re-infected by the Coronavirus after getting cured before. It could change the entire approach of the medical community to fight COVID-19 and re-infection could cause a lot of problems.

The world’s first Covid19 Reinfected Patient

HKU microbiology has issued a report that suggests a 33-year-old IT patient coming back from Spain has become the world’s first COVID-19 reinfected patient. The report says that reinfection can occur after a few months of recovery from the first infection. It means that SARS_CoV_2 may remain in the global population similar to common-cold, even after the patients have acquired immunity.

The only solution to treat COVID-19 is vaccination as immunity can end soon after the natural infection. Even the patients that have been cured of the Coronavirus should follow the safety measures such as masks and social distancing, as the chances of reinfection now exist.

It will require more extensive study as this is the first confirmed COVID-19 reinfection case and hence no conclusion can be made in the beginning.

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